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MYNT No Lost, All Found, Control Everything

Introducing the world’s most versatile multi-purpose smart button! You will only need to use this one single device to do everything a smart button or a tracker does. MYNT is the world’s thinnest and most durable track-mote. It can fit anywhere and helps you keeping track of valuables. MYNT’s metal body is resistant against physical impacts and wear-tears. The replaceable battery has a long lifespan of up to one year. It's the perfect companion gadget. 

With MYNT:





MYNT currently supports iOS, Android, and Mac OS X. The hardware combines seamlessly with the software to provide the best user experience.

The package

It includes one MYNT tag with a standard CR2020 battery pre-installed, one extra battery, one easy to attach strap, and two adhesive pads.







MYNT comes in four different colors: silver (brushed), black (sand-blasted), gold (mirror), and blue (mirror). If you plan to use MYNT on a key ring, we recommend getting the silver (brushed) or black (sand-blasted) models, which are more scratch-resistant.