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  1. Will the Slife app still count step when I close the app?
    Yes, once you open the app for the first time, it will run in the background. So, even if you close the app, it will still count your steps and record where you go.

    2. Do you have an Android version app?
    We only have iOS version at this moment. We are developing the Android version, and will release it in a couple months.

    3. How do I see the distance and calorie numbers?
    Just tap the big circle on the main page, it will circle through distance and calorie records.

    4. How do I see my history data?
    You can tap from left to right to see data of yesterday, the day before yesterday, etc. When you need to go back to today, you can tap the ">>" button at the bottom right.

    5. How do I see my route on the map?
    You can tap any segment in the storyline to bring up the map. The route of current activity is highlighted in green, while rest of the routes is shown in white color.

    6. How do I see my trend chart?
    You can tap the icon on the top right to see your weekly trend chart, you can slide to the left and right to see other week's trend chart.

    7. How do I set my fitness goal?
    You can set your fitness goal from the menu by tapping the icon on the top left. It will allow you input your gender, age, weight, height, etc., to calculate your daily exercise goal.

    8. I found a bug, how do I report it?
    There are a number of way to report a bug. You can do it by tapping the icon on the top left, or you can report it using this forum.