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Karen Found Unique Uses For MYNT Through Her Children

Karen Found Unique Uses For MYNT Through Her Children

Karen runs her own business, along with her household of two children. Each morning, she must get the kids ready for school as she prepares for her busy day ahead. Between making lunches to practicing her presentations, Karen’s time is often booked, and there is little room to be spent searching for her wallet and keys. To save time, Karen begins devising methods to be more fully prepared, and incorporate MYNT into her daily routine.

We heard from Karen about two months after she had been using MYNT. She told us about how the tracker exceeded her expectations––that she never expected to be using the device several times a day. In the morning, she liked to use MYNT to turn quickly on her speaker to play music as she made her coffee and checked her emails. Additionally, MYNT allowed her to spend more time with her children, and less time searching for her keys. At work, MYNT allowed her to access easily and control her Keynote presentation and provided her with the confidence that she was prepared and capable. This trust transferred to those around her––her children, her co-workers, and other friends interested in utilizing MYNT.

Similarly, Karen ran into a bit of a problem when she could not seem to find her phone. However, she was able to find her MYNT tracker attached to her keys. Luckily, she pressed MYNT’s button down and easily located her cell phone by following the ringing alarm and flashing LED light. Even though her phone was on silent, she was quickly able to find her device and return to her duties that day.

We spoke a bit with Karen about her experiences with MYNT, as we wanted to gain some insight concerning her thoughts as a professional and parent. According to Karen, the tracker is a daily essential and fits so comfortably into her routine (as well as in her wallet). Her kids also found MYNT extremely useful, as the device helped them take pictures more quickly by providing access to their phone’s camera. All in all, Karen and her family implemented MYNT smoothly and efficiently into their lives and found great comforts in its time-saving functionalities. The device helped them to gain some control over their things and time, and focus more on what matters most.