$209.00 $249.00 saving $40.00
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$209.00 $249.00 saving $40.00
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  • Check on your pets at any time, play and interact through Rocki, a smartphone for your furry family members. 
  • An automatic snack feeder with fifteen chambers delivers snack rewards remotely for good behavior. 
  • HD camera and night vision camera on a mobile platform, play hide and seek day and night. 
  • High definition mic and speaker for a fully functional communication system. 
  • All directional mecanum wheels - a miniaturized AWD system for Rocki to move across all floor types and make pinpoint turns. 
  • Average five days of battery strength and easy recharging.

What does Rocki do?

  • Automatic Feeder

    Give snacks on demand

  • Speake and Interact

    Talk with your pets and interact no matter where you are

  • Long Operating Time

    Run three to five days on each charge

  • Play

    Multiple toy mounts for the robotic arm