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Operate the automatic feeder

The robotic toy arm

Everything about Rocki

Download the app

The Rocki app is available on iOS and Android.

Download the app, then register an account.

iOS download link

Android download link

Pair with Rocki

  1. Connect smartphone with a Wifi
  2. Turn on Rocki
  3. Pair with Rocki


How to operate the automatic feeder

Fill the treat chamber

Fill the chamber with solid treats or food. The content of each section should be relatively loose, which enables loading to the out going chamber.

It is possible to fill with wet food as long as the content is not sticky. It is not recommended because of the cleaning process will be excessive. Wet food may cause jamming in the treat tossing mechanism.

Engage and reward

Play and reward for good behavior.

The tossing distance depends on the weight and volume contained in each chamber. Pick a clean spot and toss.


Play chase with Rocki. Load healthy treats to each chamber, and have your cat chase Rocki around the house. Entice with a treat, so the exercise and fun continue.

Rocki can move to different places in case your pet is hiding. The treat tossing is not limited to one specific area. It can be moved and the interaction becomes more spontaneous. Have less robotic tossing of treats and more human like rewarding for good behavior.

How to operate the robotic toy arm

The robotic arm mount can host different toys

The default toy is a laser pointer that comes with the robot. The arm moves left and right rapidly through app control. Move a finger on the video feed screen left and right to engage the arm movement. The arm movement becomes greater when coupled with Rocki turning and moving in all directions. Watch it dance.

Additional toy mount will be added gradually through the accessory section. We plan to add a feather toy and a chew toy soon. DIY toys are usually better because of the uniqueness and particularity to your pet. One suggestion is to tie the DIY toy to the default robot arm.  

How to operate Rocki

Two way communication

Call your cat or dog with the video on. Calm them down with your voice if they are anxiously waiting for your return, or reward them with treats for good behavior.

  • The left circle controls Rocki's wheel movement and orientation.
  • The center button tosses one chamber of treats or food.
  • The right circle controls the camera vision and tilt. The left and right buttons here move Rocki sideways without reorientation.
  • The control panel on the top right shows battery, video options, photos, and voice communication.
  • The night vision camera turns on automatically if the environment is dark.

Charging and refill

  • Charge Rocki after seven days of active operation. Plug in the USB-C cable. Rocki will be charged in four to six hours. Rocki has a thirty day standby time.
  • Open the food chamber by holding down both buttons on the left and right of Rocki. The top will open and reveal the food chambers.
  • Rocki has four mecanum wheels. These wheels allow Rocki to move in any direction without turning, granting more mobility than traditional wheels. These wheels are best cleaned through air dusters. Avoid driving on sand or small particles such as cat litter.

Share funny moments

No longer is it required to bring a camera with you at all times. Have Rocki stay with your pets, and capture rare moments in an instant. Easy sharing options are available through the app.