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About us

Who we are

We love our cats and dogs. Everyone on our team has at least one cat or one dog. We miss our beloved pets while at work most of the time, wanting to share the joy and happiness our pets bring us with the world. They are especially lonely if only by themselves. We got together and decided to build a smartphone for cats and dogs. This concept morphed into a tool that cats and dogs can connect with us, minus the dialing a phone number part.

Our team is made up of app developers that devised the interface for connecting our pets, robotic engineers that understand that pets love treats, and operationeers that facilitate the traveling from the assembly to your pets.

The journey so far!

We are connected through great technologies at all times. Most of us consider our pets a part of the family. Why not share this great connectivity with our pets that give us so much joy and love? We noticed that pets could not connect with us while we are on a trip, traveling aboard, or simply at work. Many tear-inducing videos online show how dogs become depressed when their favorite human is away, or cats staring at a portrait photo.

Our team worked tirelessly for the past two years in developing Rocki. First, the automatic treat tossing chamber mechanism. Then, the toy arm and mobility system is added to the all directional mobile platform. We are now ready to share Rocki with the world.

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg

Our values

We love our pets.